A little bit about us

Zumaa is a technology and data science business – plainly speaking, we use data and technology to look after people, property and workplaces.

The power of Zumaa lies in using leading-edge technology combined with scientific data analysis to link data from property, energy, projects and FM activity within your buildings. This drives previously unrealised synergies and provides insight that delivers a truly strategic approach to running your estate. You’ll be able to run your portfolio with flexibility, forward plan, develop 'what-if' scenarios and for the first time as a building owner, get a true view of total cost of occupancy.

To stay at the cutting-edge, we tap into the power of the market’s most promising technology start-ups, investing in their ideas and incorporating them into our own suite of data and technology tools.

All this allows us to implement an innovative managing agent solution, designed to deliver best-in-class services across a local, regional or international property portfolio.

Our core values

We’re future-minded people with a single vision – to make a difference in world of change. Our vision is supported by our core values – the beliefs that make us truly unique and innovative:

1: We are always looking to find new ways to do what’s always been done. We’re not satisfied with the status quo and want to understand how things can be done better.

2: We remind ourselves to be fearless - no question is off limits, no idea too far-fetched. We want to put all of our options on the table to make sure we get the best result.

3: We push boundaries, taking the first step to challenge convention. We’re pioneers in the unknown, with the skills and expertise to make sure you have firm footing.

4: In doing all this, our aim is to realise possibilities. We want to help you get the very best from your organisation, from higher efficiency to enhanced performance.

Rely on us

Zumaa is a brainchild of the people at Mitie, the UK’s premiere strategic outsourcing company.

For nearly 30 years, Mitie has been a leader in driving change by delivering new and innovative FM outsourcing solutions for clients.  Mitie's technology tools and commitment to innovation have been recognised by multiple national and international bodies, inluding BIFM, PFM, ECCCSA, UK National Contact Centres and i-FM.net. Zumaa is the next step in this journey - bringing together innovation, technology and data analytics, we help our clients create better places to live and work.

Our technology partners

To develop our cutting-edge technology tools, we partner with two market leading data-technology organisations - Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) and Trimble. We work with HPE to provide us with the very best data analysis capability which allows us to effectively analyse data across your property estate so we can identify trends and forecast potential issues. While Trimble, developers of the market-leading “Manhattan” Integrated Workplace Management System (IWMS), provide the technology to support our managing agent services delivery model. 

Who we work with

We work with clients across all sectors, typically supporting organisations that have large multi-site property estates across a local, regional or global footprint. By listening to our clients and truly understanding their opportunities and challenges, we create a managing agent solution that maximises value, performance and service.

Meet Zumaa - a technology and data science company with a vision to make a difference in a world of change.

Data is exploding - see how Zumaa exploits the power of data to help you manage your properties in a totally different way.