How we help

At Zumaa, we develop and invest in technologies that collect the right kinds of data about your people, property and workplace to deliver a technology and data-focused managing agent approach.

But data has absolutely no value without meaningful analysis – that’s why data science is a key part of what we do. Our data science and analytics team interrogate data to drive performance and value across your supply chain, and more importantly, your entire property estate, whether that's locally, regionally or globally. In this way, we’re forging an exciting, new path to understand the way your organisation works and deliver service enhancements for your people.

Furthermore, we stay on top of emerging technologies to bring you the best solutions as they develop, by partnering with innovative technology start-ups and investing in their new businesses, offering them a marketplace in which to grow independently. In turn, we utilise their skills and experience to enhance our own suite of technology tools, keeping them up-to-date, relevant and refreshed.

Through scientific data analysis, our technology-led managing agent model drives maximum value and performance from your supply chain. We take care of the basics in your supply chain, but then move data science to a totally new level to achieve your strategic people, property and workplace goals.

We’re always looking for ways to refresh and enhance what we do by continually innovating and developing new technology tools. Our suite of leading-edge technology tools help collect and analyse the right data, at the right time, in the right way.

By investing in emerging, technology start-ups, we can provide the latest innovative technologies to meet your changing needs and requirements. Crucially, and uniquely, we enable these new companies to grow by giving them a route to market.