What we do

Combining leading-edge technologies with the power of data science, our managing agent approach continually evolves to align with our clients’ strategic goals and meet their ever-changing needs. But what does this really mean?

From the outset, we’ll get the basics right. We’ll build you a supply chain that best suits the operational requirements of your property estate. We’ll take care of all legislative and compliance issues, and make sure that best-in-class suppliers are matched according to geography, skills and value.

Using our suite of technology tools, we’ll collect the right data, at the right time, in the right way – from any supplier organisation working within your estate. Our team of analysts will then map, monitor and analyse this data to benchmark results, highlight trends and forecast potential issues. It’s all about using data science to improve service and drive value.

But we also look at the bigger picture. We believe the future is about bringing together disparate streams of data, not simply about your supply chain, but also across energy, projects and property. Everything from how your people are using the workplace to property details such as lease lengths and service charges. Our data analysts will work to understand how these different streams of data impact each other, so that we can investigate a range of issues that are linked to your property, FM and energy strategies. This could be identifying where costs can be driven down, finding out which buildings are most cost-effective or even which should be exited.

In this way, we create an end-to-end, real-time, single view of your properties, workplaces and people to show the realities of how your organisation actually operates.

Our technology partners

To make sure our technology tools are the best they possibly can be, we’ve partnered with two leading data-technology organisations, Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) and Trimble. HPE provide us with sophisticated data analysis capability which allows us to consolidate data and identify hidden trends and patterns. Trimble, developers of the market-leading “Manhattan” Integrated Workplace Management System (IWMS), supports our managing agent services delivery model.

What makes us different?

As a technology and data science business, our focus will always be about developing a suite of technology tools to continually improve what we do. It’s also why we look for partnerships with innovative technology start-ups; this not only gives us access to a broader pool of skills and knowledge, but gives you access to the latest forward-thinking technologies to support the ever-changing needs of your organisation.


We believe Zumaa’s managing agent model is the future of smarter people, property and workplace management. By embracing the power of technology and data science, you will benefit from:

  • Efficiencies and cost savings
  • Smarter, more strategic decision-making
  • Improved employee productivity and wellbeing
  • Access to emerging new technologies in the marketplace