Our tools - and how we use them

At Zumaa, the emphasis is on pure, high-quality data. We have the tools to measure how your workplaces are used in real-time and tell you everything you need to know about your property portfolio – enabling smart, strategic, decision-making. As well as bringing new tools to market through investment in new technology start-ups, we invest in our own technologies so that they’re the best they possibly can be.

Zumaa Mosaic


Zumaa Mosaic is an online platform that helps you see the bigger picture of your property estate, bringing together all the various data feeds it creates – from FM costs and lease information to energy consumption and projects spend. Encompassing every location and everything you’re responsible for, it gives you assurance that things are as they should be – at any moment in time.

Zumaa Gidget


Zumaa Gidget is a virtual workplace assistant, helping people to manage every aspect of their working day, from reserving car parking and workspace bookings to catering arrangements and fast access to helpdesk services. In an agile world, Zumaa Gidget helps workers to get the best out of their workplaces – and as a result, the best out of themselves.

Zumaa Ping


We use our network of Zumaa Ping sensors to draw a true picture of how your workplace is used. Each Zumaa Ping sensor is purposefully placed to collect targeted information, adding depth to traditional data flows. The result? A single view of reality that enables you to make smarter decisions based on the facts.

Zumaa Hub


Zumaa Hub isn’t just a helpdesk – it’s the nerve centre of our data science operation. Led by our Head of Data Science, our team of data analysts add the human touch, proactively applying their expertise to your data to map trends, reduce incidents and improve efficiency – every hour of the day and each day of the year.